Workforce Development

Workforce Development
Wyandot County has a number of valuable assets for business development and expansion including centralized location, seamless transportation infrastructure,workforcedevelopment.jpg utility services, and affordable real estate. However, many would argue one of our greatest assets is our workforce, or human capital.   
The availability of a reliable, skilled workforce is one of the most vital aspects for businesses planning to expand or relocate.  As many businesses succeed or fail on the work ethic and talent of their workforce, Wyandot County has developed a reputation of offering an available, reliable, workforce with the work ethic and knowledge to produce results. 
With eleven institutions of higher learning within an hour drive, the region supports nearly any training or education program needed by your organization. The Wyandot County Office of Economic Development is committed to the continued development and implementation of programs designed to strengthening the local talent pool of workers to match the needs of local employers. This commitment is supported by a number of partnerships including Ohio Skills Bank, Ohio Department of Development, Ohio Department of Job and Family Services One-Stop-Center, Marion Technical College, and The Alber Enterprise Center OSU Marion. 

You Hire, You Train, We Pay Program
Ohio Skills Bank
Ohio Workforce Guarantee Grant
Ohio Department of Job and Family Services One-Stop-Center
Marion Technical College
The Alber Enterprise Center at OSU Marion

You Hire, You Train, We Pay
You Hire, You Train, We Pay is a federally funded on-the-job training program that helps employers hire and train job seekers for long-term employment.  This is an opportunity for an employer to work with the local One-Stop to recruit, pre-screen, and hire new employees, and to train them in the specific skills they need to help their business thrive.  The employer is reimbursed for the costs of training, and the decision to expand employment will boost economy by creating opportunity.
Ohio Skills Bank
The Ohio Skills Bank is currently developing and implementing career pathways to align adult education and training needs with regional industry demands. The goal is to develop a single seamless statewide educational system making courses and credits more uniform, eliminating confusion and discrepancies, ultimately enhancing transferability. By aligning regional partnerships between employers and adult education and training programs we will develop a highly educated and skilled workforce able to meet employer demands.   
Ohio Workforce Guarantee Grant  
The Ohio Workforce Guarantee Program (OWG) supports companies that are making investments in facilities, equipment and training that result in the retention and creation of jobs for Ohioans. The OWG is one of the few programs in Ohio that provides direct financial support to employers for training. Employers have the ability to choose the training provider whether it is a company employee or an outside training provider. The OWG pays for a portion of instructor salaries, materials, travel and special needs. Payments are made on a reimbursement basis. Most types of training associated with an investment project are eligible. 
OhioMeansJobs.comshadowbusiness.jpg is a free service allowing employers to look for Ohio-based talent, post job opportunities, and integrate employment events into a single point of contact. This provides Ohio-based companies access to the talents and skills within millions of resumes belonging to Ohioans and those looking to locate to Ohio. Jobs in Wyandot County.
Ohio Department of Job and Family Services One-Stop-Center
The One-Stops provide free job training and other employment services to Ohioans looking for work. They match job seekers with businesses looking to hire workers, and help laid-off workers learn new skills and find new jobs. For more information, visit their workforce development page.

Some Programs Offered by One-Stop-Center:

On-the-Job Training Agreements – (OJT’s)

Employers who are looking to train new employees, retain employees who require additional training to remain proficient in their job duties, or who are trying to avert lay-offs, may qualify for an OJT agreement with Job Solutions.  Through OJT agreements,  employers are reimbursed for 50% of an employee’s wages during the training period or up to a maximum of $15,000 per employee (whichever is less).  Employees for whom OJT’s are written must meet certain eligibility requirements.

Small Business Capitalization

Individuals looking to start their own business should contact Job Solutions.  Workforce Investment Act funds may be used for eligible Adults, Dislocated Workers, and Youth for costs associated with the establishment of a new small business, up to $5,000. Small businesses are those that have 25 or less employees. Examples of purchases allowable under this waiver include, but are not limited to:
  • Equipment (for the purpose of training the small business owner of the employees; or for the purpose of creating new employment opportunities for workers)
  • Fees and tuition payments for licensure or certification of employees when required by law or local ordinance
  • Unfinished or raw materials for production of finished goods
Before these funds are awarded, additional requirements will need to be fulfilled.

Employee Recruitment and Hiring Assistance

Job Solutions of Wyandot County has a strong connection to the local workforce.  Any employer that is seeking help in finding qualified individuals to hire should contact Job Solutions.  Through our various resources, we will refer candidates that possess the qualification as determined necessary by the hiring employer.

Marion Technical College
The Marion Technical College Center for Workforce Development has partnered with local companies and organizations to identify business strengths and improve competitiveness through a combination of training, resource management activities, and ongoing monitoring of individual and organizational performance. CWD focuses on three key areas, training solutions, employer solutions, and certification solutions to improve efficiency, effectiveness and competitive edge.
MTC has developed a Co-op Preparation Course that addresses many of the entry-level job expectations of an employer. When properly utilized and understood, the co-op program can offer a variety of benefits for both the student and the employer. The employer can utilize the position to meet the short term needs for specific projects, or set it up as an ongoing position in which students provide basic, entry level services that are fundamental to the operations of the profession. Furthermore, this program links local talent to local jobs retaining the area’s top talent. 
The Alber Enterprise Center at OSU Marion
The Alber Enterprise Center is a campus-based corporate education center of The Ohio State University, providing work force training, organization development, and performance improvement techniques.  It is a resource, research, and education tool for business and industry.

The Alber Enterprise Center strives to help your organization achieve its objectives by drawing upon the resources of a major university. Our ability to create customized training allows us to incorporate your organization’s objectives and preferences into design, implementation, and evaluation processes. We are committed to helping your organization and satisfying your unique requirements.  Programs offered include Leadership, Workforce Development, Information Technology, Performance Consulting, and Safety Compliance and Management.

Finding & Training Your Employees – Workforce Development Funding

Pre-Employment Recruitment, Testing, and Screening Services: The Ohio Department of Job and Family Services can provide a variety of skills testing and employee recruitment services in partnership with local One-Stop centers serving every area of the state. These services are typically available to companies at no cost, while the company still maintains control over the final employee screening and hiring processes. Cost savings to employers can be up to $1,000 for each employee recruited and hired.

New and Incumbent Employee Training Grants:
  Training funds are available primarily for industrial and eligible administrative or office operations that are creating or retaining jobs. The Ohio Investment in Training Program can assist with up to 50 percent (and up to 75 percent in eligible areas) of training costs, including management techniques, instructor fees, “train-the-trainer,” eligible travel costs, and other related training needs, while federal Workforce Investment Act funds managed by local One-Stop centers can assist with training expenses for existing employees and certain new hires.

Bureau of Worker’s Compensation Premium Discounts:
  Through a variety of employer-led safety initiatives, companies in Ohio can further reduce their annual worker’s compensation premiums. Discount programs include the Drug-Free Workplace and Safety Council.

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